About Founder and President

I'm a sophomore at HBTU-Kanpur. Being an IT student, I have a keen interest in Competitive Programming, Web Development, Ethical Hacking and Machine Learning. I have a passion for web design and love to create for web and mobile devices.

Besides coding, I love travelling, cooking, playing badminton and also exploring new Aerospace Technology.
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About Freelance Developer

Anurag is a super geeky-kinda-guy. with varying interests from Cosmology to API's and Compilers to Information Security. He's a Freelance web developer and have contrtibuted to 5 projects till date. His strong zone is Penetration / Network Testing and he has keen interest in Ethical Hacking. Currently he is working on rootslabs - a platform to uleash the code within you. To learn more about rootsLab vists rootslabs.in

You can mail anurag at anuragz.v1@gmail.com
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