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Introduction to Base32 file Converter

Base32 is an encoding system that uses printable ASCII characters. In Base32, data is divided into 5 bits and converted to alphabetic characters (AZ, 2-7). Converts every 8 characters, if the last one is less than 8 characters, fill it with an equal sign (=).
It converts Tools encoded data back to its original format. Referring to RFC4648, It is a encoding is designed to represent an arbitrary sequence of bytes . such as in a format that must be unambiguous but not necessarily human-readable. 33 US-ASCII lowercase characters are used, allowing 5 pages to be represented in one printable character.

(The other 33-bit character, \”=\” is used to indicate a special processing function.) The encoding process represents a 40-bit unit of input as an 8-bit coded output string. Going from left to right, one 40-bit input is created by combining five 8-bit inputs.

These 40 bits are then treated as 8 concatenated groups of 5 bits, each of which is translated into one character in 32 characters. When encoding a bitstream using base32 encoding, it will be assumed that the bitstream will be ordered first and most important. That is, the first bit of the stream will be the high first 8-bit byte, the eighth will be the low first 8-bit byte, and so on.

Working Principle


Base32 decoder works the same way as encoding, only in reverse. By removing the need for the last pad or quantum, the code is simple and clean. The conversion process starts by removing any \’=\’ padding from the last quantum.

The string is then converted character by character by subtracting the Base32 integer value from each 5-bit character and concatenating the bits into the string.

Once 8 or more are accumulated, the chunk is processed into an 8-bit chunk by converting the 8-bit integer value to its UTF-8 value (full Unicode support is not available because the chunk is 8-bit compared to the 16-bit required for Unicode). This process continues until all entered Base32 strings have been read and converted to various UTF-8 characters.

What you can do with this tool

decode Base32 code easily in your browser.
decode in empty format and do not support the mask character ( = ).

How to use Base32 decode converter online?

Base32 decoder online tool is easy to use. To change the encoded Base32 code, paste the value into the input field and click the decode button or check the auto-update option to automatically decode the code.

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